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MedicsPro is a leading Speech and Language Recruitment Agency supplying Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists to a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout the United Kingdom.

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MedicsPro are listed on the Government Procurement Service (previously known as Pasa or Buying Solutions) as a preferred national supplier of Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists to the UK’s NHS National Frameworks, actively working with leading NHS Hospitals.

We also supply Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists to Private Hospitals and Private Clinics throughout the UK.

Call now on +44 (0) 20 8506 6010 or REQUEST A CALL BACK to arrange your free, no obligation, job search consultation or click on the links shown above to view full listings of our current Speech and Language Therapy Jobs and Audiology Jobs.

We recruit Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists for both Locum and Permanent Speech and Language Therapy vacancies.

Medicspro are a truly professional employment agency. Their knowledge of the medical sector is second to none and they work continuously to provide the best opportunities and best conditions of work than any other agency I have worked with. They have the support of a great team of people yet provide a comprehensive one to one service, to both new workers and regular contractors, with help and advice on all aspects of employment.

Integrity and reliability are two qualities I always search for when seeking agency employment. I have been a Healthcare Professional for 19 years and I have spent many years doing agency work in the U.K. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with Medicspro and long may it continue.

sunoj simon


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