Great Online Forums for Nurses

Many professions and industries benefit from online forums and the support, discussions and engagements held on these platforms.
Talking to others in your profession on forums is a great way of getting other’s perspectives on everything from issues with the latest legislations to how to manage a work/life balance.
We have collected some of the best online forums targeted for nurses to learn and connect with each other.

Just for Nurses
This forum, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the work and lifestyle of nurses. Along with a truly engaging 
forum, the site also has a great discounts section that offers 25% off the complete Nursing books section from Oxford University Press, 20% off courses and masterclasses from Healthcare Conferences UK and a lot more.
Just for Nurses forums cover a wide range of topics from nursing with a disability through to nursing humour.
Just for Nurses is an excellent place for friendly, informative and fun interactions.

Nursing Forum
Nursing Forum is an excellent platform for those who want to interact with others in specific nursing fields, with targeted forums, e.g, surgical, oncology, A&E, outpatients, community nursing, mental health, school, prison etc.
Whether you’re working in one of these fields or want to engage with those that do, this forum is for you.
Nursing Forum also has the feature of allowing you to start up a speciality forum around your nursing discipline. If your speciality forum becomes popular Nursing Forum may create a separate website, focusing on your branch of nursing.

Practice Nursing
This forum is a sister of 
Nursing Forum. Dedicated to practice nurses, this forum covers a wide range of issues daily. Such topics as “How to become a practice nurse”, “pay issues” and “CIs to ear irrigation” are hotly discussed in this popular forum.
Practice Nursing also features top jobs and has a regularly updated events calendar.
For those who want to keep a finger on the pulse of practice nursing, this is the forum for you.

The Student Room
This forum is specifically for students at university studying Nursing and Midwifery. The forum covers how to make course applications through to children’s nursing.
Even if your uni days are well behind you, it’s always good to know what the next generation of nursing up to:
In a similar vein to The Student Room, this forum is a place where aspiring nurses and students in the UK can talk openly and “discuss all things 
This is a great forum for talking about work experience, volunteering as well as featuring open debates and revision tips.