New developments in Radiography this Year

Radiography continues to be a thriving area of the medical profession with Wiseguy reports reporting that 2017’s radiography global market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CARG) of 5.61% between the period of
From the recent InHealth Radiographer Reporting Study Evening at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital to the forthcoming UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress next month (12th-14th June), there is a lot going on, making it a very exciting time to be in Radiography.
One of the most exciting developments in radiography is the Ulrich CT Motion contrast media injector. This latest digital technology allows radiographers to give a smooth and time-saving examination, needing just one set up daily.
Once set up, the CT Motion is ready to use for the next 24 hours. And what’s more is that only the single-use patient tubing needs to be changed for every patient, making patient changeover extremely fast and hassle-free.
The Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield (where MedicsPro are a contracted supplier) is one hospital to benefit from the Ulrich CT Motion installation. CT site lead Louise Rogers said that since having the Ulrich injector: “There has been a significant reduction in waste disposal as we no longer have to dispose of individual syringes, while the efficiency and throughput of patients has improved as time is no longer spent filling syringes between patients.”
Another innovative digital radiography system is the Samsung GC70. Having recently received FDA approval, the GC70 will enable x-rays to be safer and the whole process a lot more efficient for patients and medical staff alike.
The GC70 combines auto-tracking with smart control, significantly reducing diagnostic time and allowing more patients to be seen.
The GC70’s The S-Vue™ imaging gives radiographers excellent, high resolution diagnostic images that are strikingly sharp, making for a much smoother functionality.
These exciting new technologies aim to revolutionise radiographers’ ways of working whilst giving patients a seamless diagnosis.  With support of these digital systems and engaging events to further knowledge, 2017 is proving to a most encouraging year for radiographers.