Operating Department Practitioners Today

As a vital part of the operating department team, an ODP is expected to give a highly skilled level of support to surgeons, anaesthetists and theatre nurses, making sure the surgery is a safe and successful procedure.
We spoke to Evans Moyo, Senior Operating Department Practitioner for MedicsPro for some insight into the essential skills, traits and factors involved with being an ODP.
What are the best traits to have to be a desirable ODP candidate?
To be an effective ODP a flexible approach to daily work is essential. As with most positions punctuality is important and due to the life and death nature of the operating theatre, this is even more crucial for an ODP.
Surgeries can take several hours, so having the ability to concentrate for long periods of time really is an invaluable skill in this job. Being able to demonstrate a malleability in past work will really help you shine above other candidates.
And of course, being able to do the job effectively whilst under pressure is something that really differentiates a good ODP from a great one.

What are the skill sets needed?
Some of the best skill sets 
an ODP can possess is an ability to work with a vast array of equipment. With technological advancements being made it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest developments.
Along with the willingness to use new 
equipment, it is important to have the ability to work with current apparatus. From having the ability to run point of care systems such as anaesthetic machines, cell salvage, blood gas analysis including sampling and perform thromboelastography to name but a few.
What are the shifts like?
Evans Moyo, says “Generally, as an ODP the shifts can be quite varied. But when you work for an agency it’s really up to the individual. But I personally prefer normal day shifts, anything from 8hr shifts to long days. Definitely not half days as most of my agency colleagues would agree as well”.
Theatre Recruitment Manager Dave Harrold adds, “
Multi-skilled ODP’s with this kind of experience can be placed in varying roles throughout the UK.
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